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📱📲 Why are Samsung repairs expensive? It’s just a broken screen? 📱📲

There are a few reasons why Samsung repairs are more expensive than most other brand devices.

Samsung have mastered a remarkable technology known as OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) and use this for displays for their Galaxy series. The OLED displays look amazing - but are very expensive to manufacture. Most of the OLED displays are also manufactured into the housings and frames themselves, adding more costs especially with a curved screen. This necessarily isn’t a bad thing though, as a full frame assembly straight from Samsung’s factory is the highest quality possible - essentially restoring your phone back to brand new (usually in under and hour) and keeping your data without sending it away. The only downside is often the Samsung repairs can be a quarter to half the cost of the device.

Unlike Apple, Samsung actually develop and manufacturer their screens in house, in their own factories. This is known as a closed loop process that stops 3rd party manufacturers from ‘copying’ the displays.

Many other repair shops choose not use the Samsung Service Packs and go for the refurbished option. This is not what we recommend as you may save $40 on the repair, but since the original damaged screen has been recycled and usually fitted with cheap glass and frame, the chance of breakage and faulty rate is much higher. Often we see these displays come in with manufacturing issues that other repair shops will not warranty.

You may have noticed the iPhone X and above series are more expensive than previous iPhone models as well. This is because they also use an OLED display - Yep! Manufactured and sold to Apple by Samsung. Previous iPhones have used LCD instead of OLED with Apple using 3 different suppliers for their LCD displays including Toshiba, Sharp and LG.

So if you happen to break your Samsung, the Genuine Service Pack is your best option in the long run.

Don’t forget we have ZipPay and LayBuy for EVERYTHING in store so if the price is something that is stopping you from getting your phone fixed, you can spilt the payments up and take it the same day!

*** Zip Pay and LayBuy available *** - Own it now, Pay it later -

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2 Kommentare

Woody Tzafrir
Woody Tzafrir
20. März 2023

My screen is flickering and the tv wouldnt even start repait guy from Samsung said it that to fix it will be 800 Australian dollars

tv is under two years old.

Gefällt mir

22. Nov. 2022

img asking ibuy anew replacement is it full all the frame or just one side?

Gefällt mir
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