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Physical Damage

Hey, it happens, you're not the only one and that is why we are here!

The main reasons for repair are; 

  • Broken glass and LCD damage from being dropped or other impact damage

  • Touch screen issues

  • Battery issues

  • Charging issues

Unfortunately in most cases of physical damage, your phone is not covered under warranty so bring it to Show Us Your Crack and one of our expert technicians will fix it on the spot!

To help us with our repairs, there are a few things you can do to maximise your chances of a successful repair. 

  • Don't attempt to fix it yourself, you will probably make it worse. 

  • If your device has come in contact with liquid, *DO NOT PUT IT IN RICE OR TRY TO CHARGE IT*
    Your device needs to be treated  ASAP and putting charge to a wet device with only and leaving it in rice will only create more issues and lessen your chance of survival or data recovery.

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