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What should you be charging your phone with?

Is any cable and power source ok? Well, no. A big misconception people have is that a cord is a cord and any power supply is okay to use. Not the case! Everyday we get devices in with battery and motherboard level issues directly related to using cheap aftermarket cables and cigarettes lighters in vehicles. It is extremely common for us to see damaged batteries but also burned out chips on the logic boards of devices caused directly from using dodgy cables and cheap cigarette lighters and bricks. The Tristar or (U2) chip on the iPhone is a regular for repair and is easily damaged by the likes of such. The damaged Tristar severely impairs your device’s USB communication, creating problems with random shut offs and charging. Replacing the Tristar IC can be an expensive repair. So what can you do avoid this? For Apple devices, anything you charge your device with must be “Made For iPhone”(MFi) certified. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should charge your device with only the white genuine Apple cable that you received with your device, rather the MFi certification is a tick of approval given by Apple to third-party accessories which have met Apple’s standards for use with their devices. The “Made For iPhone” certified cables are important as each individual cable has a chip known as the E75, which protects your device from voltage fluctuations. If your cable was reasonably cheap and not from a reputable retailer, it won’t have this chip and will damage your device over time. The biggest NO NO with charging your device is the power supply you're using. Dodgy bricks and glittery cigarette lighter chargers from the markets will not regulate the power entering your device and even with an MFi certfied charger, you run the risk of damging vital components and fuses on the motherboard of your phone. A $5 cable can cost you a $200 repair!

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