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What are you really buying online and why are we different?

Our Show Us Your Crack Certified devices are put through rigorous testing to ensure they meet only the highest standard.

Unlike devices sold online from Kogan, eBay and Dicksmith, our devices aren’t poorly refurbished with copy parts from China. Unfortunately for many people, the cheap price from online sellers lures unsuspecting customers in thinking they are getting a good deal when in fact, many corners are cut to save $$$. They may be sold ‘as new’ and look good, but internally they are missing screws, shields and usually have the lowest grade aftermarket parts. Usually the online grading is purely cosmetic and often devices are sold as new condition have heavily used batteries under 85% capacity, resulting in the need of a new battery. All of our devices have a guarantee that battery life will be over 90%, or a new battery will be installed.

Each week we see these refurbished devices come in for repairs with issues that are due to cheap copy parts and even devices that have had extensive motherboard repairs, including liquid damage, IC chip replacements and other damaged components which will have a chance to fail again.

As most things in life, if it’s too good to be true it normally is. Cheap isn’t always good and if it does seem too good, there is normally a reason. Many of these resellers claim to have extensive warranty, but usually are a nightmare to deal with resulting in weeks or months without the device you paid good money for.

All our devices come with warranty, free before and after sale tech support, and free data recovery/transfer of your old device.

All units are; * A Grade (Mint) condition or Ex-Demo * Factory unlocked for any network globally. * Non Refurbished - Original parts. * Backed with 6 month warranty. * Include before and after sale Tech Support. * Include box and FREE MFI certified cable. * Include Free Data Recovery/Transfer from old device.

*** Zip Pay and LayBuy available *** - Own it now, Pay it later -

236a Beardy Street, Armidale 0421 217 874

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